How does your Tattoo consultation works?

Usually I do my consultations via E-Mail. This gives me the possibility to answer my messages when I have enough time to get a idea for your tattoo. It also gives you the benefit, that you don’t have to drive hours for just for a 30 minutes consultation.

Just write me like 3-4 elements which you have in mind for your tattoo. Something like: Animals, objects, metaphors, words, or else. I will give you a feedback which elements will work for the design. I can’t guarantee that every element will be used, because I just use the elements which will give the maximum visual effect.

Do I see the design before the tattoo appointment?

I always do my Designs directly to the tattoo appointment. For the design process I need a maximum flexibility and your trust. This is the only way I can guarantee that every one of my customers gets a one of a kind tattoo in the LEITBILD-style. If you have your doubts, check out my portfolio. This is basically what you’ll get.

Does a tattoo hurts?

Every human being has a different pain sensitivity. But the experience has shown, that body-parts like breast/sternum, costal arch, palms and necks hurt the most. For tattoo-newbies I would suggest to do the first tattoo on another body-part.

How much does a tattoo cost?

The price for a tattoo is depending on the design, the complexity, body-part, size and the resulting time exposure. But as soon as I know what we’re doing, I will try to estimate a price.